Practical Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is right around the corner!

That means its time to start figuring out what to get the moms in your life.  Studies show that moms today are busier than ever before!  The juggle working, food shopping, child care, meal preparation, household scheduling, shuttling children here and there, and more.  With the many hats they wear, they could use a little held now and again.

Here are my top picks for making a busy mom’s life easier!

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Roomba Vacuum and Mop

If you really love the mom in your life, take something off her to-do list!  There are a lot of robotic vacuums on the market now, but the Roomba offers so much functionality.  Your favorite mom can schedule this vacuum and mop to run at set times throughout the week, or can start it from her phone!  No more crumbs all over the floor, and its sparkly clean!

Wemo Smart Light Switch

Do you know how many times your wife gets up to turn on their lights for her toddler?  Or accidently leaves them on while she’s out?  Help her out!  The Wemo light switch can be turned on and off with her phone.  They’re easy to install too!

Maars Bev Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

These adorable coffee mugs are a great way for mom to carry her favorite pick me up while running her errands!  They’re cute, small, fit under the Keurig and in a car cupholder, and come in a variety of colors.  Pick one up for her today!

Pop Socket

Is your wife or mom always dropping their phone?  Get her a Pop Socket!  These stick to the back of your phone, pop in and out to act as a stand or a holder, and can be removed and re-adhered.  They come in a variety of styles, and they’ll make her life easier!  I can’t tell you how many LESS drops I have now that I have one.

Amazon Echo

Get the moms in your life an assistant – they need it!  With an Echo Show, she can play her favorite music, order something on her shopping list, see whats on the agenda for the day, or find out what the weather will be tomorrow.

Rain Boots

Spring is the perfect time to get your favorite mom some cute rain boots!  They’re great for chasing kids around the park, running errands on rainy days or for slipping on to take the garbage out.  Plus, they’re super easy to clean – making her life a lot easier!

Apple Watch

Is your wife still fawning over an Apple Watch?  If you’ve waited to get one, this is the time!  Apple has improved these guys, and now you don’t need to have your phone on you to send a message or make a call.  Plus, the waterproofing is much improved over previous generations.  Your wife will never miss a text, call, or reminder again, and won’t need to have her phone attached to her!

Instant Pot

Dinner time can be so hard for a busy mom!  An Instant Pot makes it easy!  Forgot to thaw out meat?  No problem!  Don’t have time to stand by the stove?  Problem solved!  With an Instant Pot, the possibilities are endless!

Oil Diffuser

Do you know what the mom in your life needs?  More and better sleep!  Get her an aromatherapy oil diffuser, and some sleep inducing essential oil, to help her sleep deeper and longer!

Spa Gift Card

Last, I can guarantee that your favorite mom needs some relaxation!  Get her a gift card to a spa (and watch the kids!) and she’ll have no excuse but to get some much needed me-time!

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