Gifts for Two Year Old Boys Who Have Everything

Have you ever had to buy a gift for a two year old who has everything? It can be really hard to figure out what sort of gift a 2 year old will like, especially when they already have trucks, balls, Little People, and more.

I happen to have a two year old boy who (regrettably) already has everything. He is my fourth, and having three children who are older than him means that we’ve had one of every toy that has hit the market (okay, not really, but it sure seems that way sometimes!).

I hate to buy him things like another truck or another ball, because he already has those things. So I really have to think outside the boy when it comes to finding presents that he will love, and that will be somewhat novel to him.

So, I’m going to let you in on my Christmas and birthday ideas for him for this year. Hopefully it will give you some new ideas of present to buy for the two year old boy in your life.

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Best Presents for Two Year Old Boys Who Have Everything

Inflatable Fort

Building a fort is a really fun activity for an older child, but often, two year old boys don’t have the skills to build one. Instead, they are taking things apart while you are trying to set them up.

This inflatable fort is a great gift option! It blows up in less than 30 seconds using an air compressor, meaning you don’t have to take a lot of time or energy setting it up.

Forts are hours of fun, and something about being inside a smaller area is really fun for a two year old. They can take their toys in, blow bubbles inside, hide, or even take a nap.

Either way, this novel gift idea isn’t too expensive, and is a great option for a two year old boy who already has everything toy!

Nugget Style Couch

Have you seen the newest trend in climbing/building toys for children?

It isn’t actually small handheld blocks… it is a piece of furniture!

These couches can be assembled in tons of different ways for sitting, lounging, fort building, rolling down, climbing up, and more. Click the picture to get ideas of what can be done with this soft, comfy couch.

They consist of 6 soft foam pieces that can be assembled in all sorts of ways. Two year old boys will need a little bit of help moving them around, but with a little bit of adult or older sibling help, these couches are hours of fun.

Magnetic Blocks

Speaking of blocks, magnetic blocks are one of my son’s favorite toys. They can be combined in so many different ways, and they’re really a toy that grows with a child.

Magnetic blocks stay together, making building less frustrating than when using regular wood blocks.

You can use magnetic blocks to build houses, castles, cars, tracks, and more.

If you want a gift idea for a two year old boy that he’ll enjoy for years to come, magnetic blocks should be on your shortlist.


Never heard of a Bilbo before? It is a relatively new toy for kids that inspires hours of creativity.

I think of a Bilbo kind of like an empty box. Instead of having a toy tell you want it does (like how a toy phone is pretty much only used as a phone, a car is only used as a car, etc.), children use empty boxes to create.

A Bilbo is just like that. It can be a boat for sitting in, it can be a turtle shell on top of their back, it can be a seat to spin around in, or a shield for pretend play.

Creative toys like a Bilbo are forever type of toys. They play grows and evolves as the child grows.

A Bilbo is on my Christmas list for my two year old boy this year!

Saucer Swing

A saucer swing is a great outdoor toy that a two year old boy will love.

They are large enough that a little one can lay down to swing, feeling safe and secure, or sit up and hold the ropes. Either way, your two year old boy will feel like he is flying through the air.

The other great thing that I love about this swing is that it has a large enough platform to also feel like a little hideout for your two year old.

Parent supervision is, of course, necessary with this toy, but if your looking for a swing option that doesn’t require a swing set, this saucer swing is perfect.

Animal Masks

Two year old boys love to pretend, and they also love animals.

I can’t tell you how often my little boy comes crawling up to me meowing like a cat.

These animal masks take their pretend play to the next level. They can be a raccoon, elephant, chipmunk, owl, zebra and more.

Plus, the don’t take up nearly as much room as all those separate costumes do (that a two year old can’t get on anyway).

Balance Bike

A balance bike is a great present for a two year old boy, and so much better than all of those ride on toys they already have!

A balance bike is kid powered – they use their legs to push the bike along at their own speed. Once they get comfortable, they can push off and pick up their legs, gliding for a few seconds. When the bike starts to tip, the child automatically puts their legs down to catch themselves, making the balance bike a safe first bike option.

As a side benefit, balance bikes teach children how to balance in order to someday be able to ride a real bike. One of my daughters went straight from riding a balance bike to riding a two wheel bike without training wheels – with incredible ease!

If you want an outdoor bike toy for a two year old boy, a balance bike is an awesome choice.

Aqua Magic Mat

There is nothing my two year old boy loves more than drawing with markers. He has drawn on couches, windows, chairs, walls, stairs, and even on himself.

Clearly, this is not a mom-approved activity. But, since he loves drawing with markers so much, I’d love to have a more toddler-friendly way for him to do it.

Enter, the Aqua Magic Mat.

These mats come with magic pens that use only water to write. When your child draws on the mat with the magic markers, color will appear. But, when your two year old writes on the walls, it’ll only be water!

Aqua Magic Mats are a perfect solution! The two year old in your life will love drawing with “markers” and you will spend so much less time cleaning up marker.

Final Thoughts on Gift Ideas for Two Year Old Boys Who Have Everything

If you are trying to buy a toy for the two year old in your life who has everything already, my best advice is to find toys that allow them to create their own fun. Two year old boys are teeming with imagination.

More than the trucks, dolls and gadget toys that do only one thing, creative toys allow a two year old boy’s creativity to flow freely, meaning the are engaged and having fun for hours.

Did I miss any amazing toys for two year old boys? Let me know if the comments!

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